2020 edition

On September 13-14, 2020, the Second annual event of the Ponza Prima-Med initiative took place on the island of Ponza.
In light of the Euro-Med Summit planned for November 26, 2020, and of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Barcelona Declaration, the Mediterranean Perspectives Association organized an inter-institutional conference on sustainability under the patronage of the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (RIDE-APS, Head of Anna Lindh Foundation-ALF in Italy), in cooperation with the PRIMA Foundation, the PRIMA Foundation Italian Secretariat, the Union for Mediterranean (UfM), Ponza’s Municipality, and the Community of the Pontine Archipelago (today Union of the Ponza and Ventotene Municipalities).
The conference participants took inspiration from the 1941 Altiero Spinelli’s Ventotene Manifesto, to launch a new Euro-Med Manifesto on sustainable development (in particular climate change, circular economy, and food security), and agreed on a Common Euro-Med Agenda promoting sustainable ideals to plan a hydric-nutritional system in the Archipelago where Altiero Spinelli drafted the basis for a democratic and pacific Europe’s rebirth. They also proposed to restore the Turtledoves Villa (Villa delle Tortore), located on Ponza Island, in order to convert it into a Centre for Innovation and Advanced Training on sustainability.

According to the aforementioned 1995 Barcelona Declaration, the Euro-Med partnership can support the achievement of a peaceful and sustainable future in this area, since culture, economy, and security play a crucial role. Within this framework, the proposed center in the restored Villa delle Tortore – which the participants at the Ponza Prima-Med Second edition visited on September 13, 2020 – can become a hub for solutions to the unemployment among young people in the Mediterranean region, taking advantage of new potential and economic opportunities in the UN Agenda 2030. The center can be essential to develop appropriate interconnections with the best educational and professional experiences in the Mediterranean area, facing challenges to fill the gap (labor mismatch) between qualified training and current trends of the labor market.

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