2021 edition

On September 4, 2021, the Third edition of the Ponza Prima-Med initiative will take place on Ponza Island, celebrating the 80th anniversary of the famous Ventotene Manifesto (For a Free and United Europe. A Draft Manifesto).
Due to the valued presence of international guests and the ongoing national pandemic, the Third Ponza Prima-Med edition will guarantee participative access both in-person and online.
The initiative’s name is composed of two parts: the word Ponza refers to the Pontine Archipelago, where the 2019 and 2020 editions already took place, and where the 2021 edition is planned.
We are committed to the promotion of the 1941 Ventotene Manifesto’s values across the Mediterranean basin. We strongly believe that these values are relevant to the Turtledoves Villa renovation project to create an international Centre for Innovation and Advanced Training.
The Ponza Prima-Med event and the Turtledoves Villa renovation both aim at transforming the whole Archipelago (today Union of the Ponza and Ventotene Municipalities) into a reference point for technological innovation and culture within the Euro-Med region, increasing its prestige and economic potential.
Ms. Silvia Costa, the Extraordinary Government Commissioner for the Requalification of the former Bourbonic prison on the island of Santo Stefano in the Ventotene Municipality (both neighbouring islands are part of the Pontine Archipelago), has been supporting our proposal from the beginning.

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