Ponza Prima Med Project

Ponza Prima Med ALF project is closely connected to the Third edition of the annual Ponza Prima-Med 2021 initiative. The ALF project focuses on sharing best practices on sustainability in the Mediterranean area, and beyond. At a beautiful Ponza Island venue, international Egyptian (Partners for Transparency) and Palestinian (Jerusalem Center for Women) partners will join the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue RIDE – APS in presenting and sharing the best practices for sustainable development in the agri-food sector.

More about the project

The project’s aim is to locate, describe, and share best practices in the fields of circular economy, community capacity building, and community need-assessment.
The selected best practices represent different cultural backgrounds and traditions from the Mediterranean area, coming together to achieve a clearer vision for the future, respecting peoples and the environment. The three partners will share the best practices, described on our website through videos and reports, with their respective community through local events as well.
Experts on sustainability lead working groups with associated experts coming from an array of relevant backgrounds. The working groups include representatives from municipalities, civil society organizations, local groups, as well as universities. The heterogeneity of the groups contributes to ensure the presence of as many viewpoints as possible.
Starting from local examples, traditions, and innovation, the working groups collectively create materials to share knowledge in the Mediterranean area as examples of social, economic, and environmental sustainability replicable beyond the region.


The partners

The project won funding through a call for proposals from the Anna Lindh Foundation.
This Call for Proposals aims at enhancing EuroMed citizens’ intercultural knowledge, skills, and networking, through a cross-border cooperation that involves two or more organizations from different cultural background(s) or geographical scope”.

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